Eversight Labs

Demonstrating how a dynamic, state-of-the-art shopping software functions

Project Description

Eversight Labs provides unique software solutions to enable CPG manufacturers and retailers to discover, test, and deploy radically better promotions, and needed their PowerPoint presentations to communicate in a clear, and demonstrative way to their audience and potential new clients. We first created new corporate PowerPoint templates, and then a visual and animated storytelling system which would work across all their future presentation needs. 

Project Details

Eversight Labs
Presentation Design, Demonstration, Storytelling, Template, Software

By establishing a strong, working iconography language and infographic style, we were able to visually communicate the complex story of the Eversight Labs program and software functions. 

With this, we created consistent visual design cohesiveness across multiple PowerPoint presentations, which also included sophisticated animation techniques in order to tell the complexity of their story in a clear and informative fashion to their variety of client audience types. 

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