Presentation Design Services

What is Presentation Design?

It’s a powerfully influential communication tool that harmoniously blends storytelling, visual design, brand identity and strategic messaging. Its purpose is to engage audiences, reach strategic business goals, and strengthen brand and marketing presence.

Presentation Design addresses needs for:

Corporate Presentations, Executive Presentations, Sales Presentations, Pitch Decks, Investor Presentations, National Sales Meetings, RFP Presentations, Traveling Sales Teams, Product Launch Events, Product Demonstrations, User Conferences, Keynotes, Webinars, TEDx Presentations

Sales Demos

For Sales and Marketing Teams, Director of Sales, and Business Development Members.

Keynote Meetings

For Keynote Speakers, Executive Meetings, National Sales Teams, and Annual Conferences.

Business Pitches

For Internal/External Meetings, B2B Sales Presentations, and Communication Directors.

Increased Sales Leads

By clearly defining value propositions, attracting and converting prospects into qualified opportunities is faster.

Stronger Engagement

Streamling content and messaging allows for key information to stand out and be understood with ease. 

Faster Decision Making

Storytelling allows focus on how information is processed and improves the outcome of decision-making. 

Brand Retention

Powerful and consistent design elements are essential to how your company’s products and services are remembered. 

Commonly asked questions.

We’ve developed thousands of presentations, with unique circumstances and requests. Here are some of our most commonly asked questions to help answer how we work and develop our services for you. 

What's the turnaround time?

We scope out each project with a personalized project calendar set against specific milestones to meet your exact deadline. The most common turnaround time for an average presentation is between 2-3 weeks.  

How do you collect our information?

Any content or assets required to develop your presentation can be uploaded (through secure, online exchange portals such as Dropbox, Google Docs, etc.) or emailed directly to us as attachments. From sketches, to Word and Excel documents, we filter and work with any form of content you have. Also, we adhere to all brand guidelines, as well as established presentation formats that are provided.

Do you edit and or write content?

Yes. If you need help developing your script and storyline, we can help edit and or fill in the content that is necessary for your presentation. We also ensure all necessary content is included via speaker notes, as well as printable handouts/leavebehinds.  

What's the overall process like?

We customize each presentation solution given the project demands against your deadlines. Typically, once all assets are collected and content/storyline is established, we create a Demo Presentation (up to 6-7 slides), then a Full Draft Presentation (all slides), and then we deliver the Final Presentation. The entire process includes up to 3 edit cycles.